Five-layer POD film blowing machine with in-line MDO M5B-1700Q-C-MDO

Machine type:ClassicX Series, Offline Direction Orientation (MDO) PE Stretch Film Extrusion Machine
Application:Medical Protection, PE Breathable Film
Unit type: ClassicX series, MDO, 5-Laver Film blowing extrusion machine
All regions: China
Application areas: PE label film, breathable film (hygienic material), breathable film (protective material)

The customer hopes to develop competitive new products and new technologies in the field of flexible packaging based on the global trend of recyclable and easy-to-recycle packaging, and to find internationally competitive well-known film molding machine suppliers to cooperate with to provide high-quality, good and stable products. High-performance and cost-effective equipment and process proximity solutions.

In response to the national call for "carbon peaking, carbon neutrality", and at the same time keeping up with the latest development trends in the international packaging industry, Jinming applies the multi-layer co-extrusion technology of film equipment to the field of single-material PE packaging films, and proposes "film technology 4.0 Pro to help circulation." Packaging industry development" concept, launched single-material packaging solutions.

The MDO longitudinal stretching unit equipped with the equipment is composed of a preheating roll group, an S-type stretching roll group, a setting roll group and a cooling roll group. Each roll adopts independent temperature control and independent drive control. Closed-loop control.

The whole machine adopts modular design, and the unwinder, stretching system, traction system and winder system are all independently controlled, and are driven by German Siemens PLC controller and Siemens inverter.

The rewinding device adopts a modular design and has a variety of rewinding functions, which can adapt to the rewinding of a variety of materials with different characteristics, and can adapt to the exchange of 3 or 6-inch rewinding reels. Tension fluctuates to provide high quality coiling. With automatic film cutting, automatic roll change, automatic unloading, automatic length counting and automatic taper tension control. The fully automatic taper tension control system can feedback and automatically track the surface tension of the measured film to improve the flatness of the film winding. It effectively reduces the labor intensity of labor, reduces the amount of waste that occurs during manual roll change, improves work efficiency, and enhances safety performance.