ClassicX Series

Inline Direction Orientation (MDO) PE Stretch Film Extrusion Machine

ClassicX MDO PE stretch film orientation production machine line is Jinming's high-intellectualized and high-performance series with features of high-output, high-automatization and superior thickness deviation, etc.. Besides, SupereX has a good adaptability of resins, which meets customers' needs on high quality and high output.


Parts Introduction

MDO Unit

The MDO stretching unit is composed of a group of preheating rollers, a group of S-shaped stretching rollers, a group of shaping rollers and a group of cooling rollers. For each roller, there is independent temperature control and independent drive control. The entrance is equipped with a tension sensor to realize tension closed loop control.

MDO unit of MDO stretch film orientation production line

WSD-III Winding

The winding adopts a modular design and is integrated of a variety of winding functions, which can be used to the wind the stretch films made of different materials. The winding shafts of 3 inch and 6-inch are both available. The winding shaft can be pre-accelerated to minimize tension fluctuations and ensure the high quality winding. Its functions include automatic stretch film cutting, automatic roll change, automatic unloading, automatic length counting and automatic taper tension control. The automatic taper tension control system can feedback and realize automatic tracking according to the surface tension of the stretch film to improve the flatness of the winding. It will help to reduce the labor intensity of labor, reduce the waste of manual roll change, improve the efficiency, and enhance safety performance as well.

WSD-III winding device of MDO stretch film orientation production line

Control System

The whole machine is designed with modules. The unwinding machine, stretching system, pull-off system, and winding system are all independently controlled and driven by German Siemens PLC controller and Siemens inverter.

Equipment Exhibition

The inline machine direction orientation (MDO) PE stretch film extrusion machine display, including MDO unit, WSD-III winding, and control system.

Control system of MDO stretch film orientation production line

Technical Parameter

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Max. Film width from unwinder
Film thickness before stretching
Winding film thickness
For processing of
Stretch ratio
Max. mechanical speed of preheating
Max. mechanical speed of stretching
Total power
600mm 2000mm 2600mm
0.06~0.4mm 0.06~0.4mm 0.06~0.4mm
0.012~0.10mm 0.012~0.10mm 0.012~0.10mm
PE, PP...etc PE, PP...etc PE, PP...etc
1:1~1:12 1:1~1:12 1:1~1:12
20m/min 30m/min 30m/min
60m/min 200m/min 200m/min
170kw 180kw 250kw
5.4x1.1x1.8m 9x8x4m 14x9x6m


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