SupereX Series

Extrusion Coating and Lamination Machine for Paper/Film

SupereX high-speed extrusion lamination machine for paper/ metallized film/ aluminum foil is Jinming's high-intellectualized and high-performance series with features of high-output, high-automatization and superior thickness deviation, etc.. Besides, SupereX has a good adaptability of resins, which meets customers' needs on high quality and high output.


Parts Introduction

Extruder and Die Head

The multi-extruder high-speed extrusion compound machine compounds the web base material with aluminum foil or aluminized films using the raw materials such as PE, PP or EVA. It is applicable for making aseptic packaging paper, paper box packaging, paper cup packaging, instant noodle container cover, adhesive paper and other multilayer paper-plastic composite materials. The extruder adopts a system of automatic temperature control, pneumatic feeding, stepless speed regulation and a hydraulic plunger screen changer. At the same time, it is equipped with a high-precision two-way adjustable flat die to ensure high-quality continuous and stable plasticizing and extrusion performance.

Extruder and Die Head

AC Coating Unit

The machine is equipped with an AC coating unit, a gravure anilox roller, a precision coating head, and a smoothing device. The scraper device can be manually adjusted to the appropriate position in the three-dimensional directions of up and down, front and back, and angles, which can ensure uniform coating.

AC Coating Unit

Control System Interface

The machine adopts microcomputer automation control in the process flow from base transportation, film coating to winding, and it is equipped with a color touch screen, which integrates the operation interface developed by Jinming to realize most of the operation and control of the machine. The software can be used for online help, team production records and online inspection. It is convenient for operators and engineering technicians to control and maintain the machine.

Equipment Exhibition

The display of extrusion coating and lamination machine for production of paper/film, including extruder, die head, AC coating unit, and control system interface.

Control System Interface

Technical Parameter

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Lamination width
Lamination thickness
Substrate thickness
Screw diameter
Die width
Max. Line speed
Unwinder diameter
Rewinder diameter
Total power
PAPER 120~350gsm; PET 0.012~0.05mm


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