ClassicX Series

Tandem Extrusion Coating and Lamination Machine for Fabric

ClassicX wide width extrusion lamination machine is Jinming's mid-end customized and high-output series with the standard parameter and the customization based on customers' actual production needs and processing conditions, so as to meet the production needs on film evenness control, transparency, stiffness, output, etc.


Parts Introduction

Extruder and Die Head

The translational extruder adopts a system of automatic temperature control, pneumatic feeding, frequency conversion speed regulation and fast screen changer; adopts adjustable die to ensure uniform film output and convenient adjustment.

Extruder and Die Head

Winder for Wide Width Film

It is equipped with adjustable trimming device and edge blowing device before winding. to ensure the winding of wide film is flat and reliable. The winding is equipped with devices such as product meter counting device, semi-automatic roll changing device. It is highly automatic and convenient to operate.

Winder for Wide Width Film

Control System

The control system adopts PLC, and most of the operation and control of the speed and synchronization of the machine are realized through the operation interface. The software can be used for online help, team production records, error records and online inspection. It is convenient for operators to control and maintain the machine. The production efficiency can be greatly improved. The system also has safety protection, fault protection and start-up protection.

Equipment Exhibition

The display of tandem extrusion coating and lamination machine for productiuon of fabric, including extruder, die head, winder for wide width film, and control system.

Control System

Technical Parameter

Please select the one you need into the inquiry cart
Lamination width
Lamination thickness
Substrate thickness
Screw diameter
Die width
Max. Line speed
Unwinder diameter
Rewinder diameter
Total power
1500~2300mm 2700~3400mm 4200~6300mm
0.015~0.08mm 0.015~0.08mm 0.015~0.07mm
Woven Fabric 40~250gsm Woven Fabric 40~250gsm Woven Fabric 40~250gsm
Φ120mm Φ160mm Φ180mm
2550mm 3550mm 6600mm
200m/min 200m/min 150m/min
1200mm 1200mm 1200mm
1200mm 1200mm 1200mm
350kw 600kw 1200kw
14x13x3.4m 22.3x15.8x3.5m 26x25x5m

Other models such as SJ160-FMS4200,SJ180-FMS4500 and etc. would be also available.


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