ClassicX Series

3, 5 Layer Blown POF Shrink Film Extrusion Machine

ClassicX blown film extrusion machine line is Jinming's mid-end customized and high-output series with the standard parameter and the customization based on customers' actual production needs and processing conditions, so as to meet the production needs on film evenness control, transparency, stiffness, output, etc. This extrusion machine line is specially designed for POF shrink film.

POF (polyolefin) Shrink Film

POF (polyolefin) shrink film is a popular packaging material widely used in the packaging industry. It is a type of heat-shrinkable film made from polyolefin resins that are subjected to a process of extrusion, stretching, and orientation. POF shrink film is known for its high clarity, excellent tensile strength, and low shrink temperature, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of packaging applications.


Parts Introduction

POF Extruders

Based on rich experience considering resin features and rheological principles, by continuous simulation and optimized designing, JM has launched various serials of extruding system for processing of different materials. The extruders with optimized designing for Polyolefin materials are accurately processed, which not only have good corrosive and abrasive resistance performance, but also feature with high output capability, low energy consumption and great plasticization.

The POF extruders of the shrink film extrusion machine

POF Die Head

Based on simulation designing, the die head is featured with perfect thickness tolerance for various resins by its streamlined channels without dead angle to achieve optimized flow and distribution. The low body structure is not only good for melt flow but also enhance the self-cleaning performance of die head by shorten the time to change recipes and decrease material consumption.

The POF die head of the shrink film extrusion machine

POF Winder

It equips with a turret winder which is applicable for center and gap winding, which adopts precise taper tension control with automatic film cutting and reel changing functions.

Equipment Exhibition

The 3-5 Layers blown POF shrink film extrusion machine display, including POF extruders, POF die head, and POF winder.

The POF winder of the shrink film extrusion machine

Technical Parameter

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Multi Layer
Max. POF Shrink Film Width
POF Shrink Film Thickness Range
For processing of
Screw Diameter
Max. Extrusion throughput
Total Power
Max. Haul-off Speed
3 5 5
2500mm 2500mm 3400mm
0.012-0.025mm 0.012-0.025mm 0.012-0.025mm
Φ70/110/70mm Φ80/70/90/70/80mm Φ80mm×5
510kg/H 850kg/H 1000kg/H
780kw 1000kw 1100kw
140-200m/min 140-200m/min 140-200m/min
15×10×18m 15×12×24m 19×12.5×26m

Other models such as MS3R-2200Q-C and etc. would be also available.


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