ClassicX Series

2, 3 Layer Blown TPU Breathable Film Extrusion Machine

ClassicX blown film line is Jinming's mid-end customized and high-output series with the standard parameter and the customization based on customers' actual production needs and processing conditions, so as to meet the production needs on film evenness control, transparency, stiffness, output, etc.


Parts Introduction

Die Head

It is specially designed for processing of TPU material. It has fully considering the rheological principles to decrease melt pressure loss, shorten melt retention time, comply with max and min shear rate, and ensure stable and even elasticity of film.

Die Head

Reversing Haul-off Unit

Considering the elastic of TPU film, the horizontal reversing haul-off unit is specially designed to maintain tension stability and decrease traction. It adopts close-looped control to ensure constant tension and its stability.

Reversing Haul-off Unit

WSD-III Winder

It equips with multi-functional winder, which can fully meet the requirements to produce TPU film with low tension. It also adopts taper control system to ensure stable tension. Besides, the winder is integrated with automatic film loading, unloading, cutting, reel changing function etc., which effectively decreases labor intensity.

Equipment Exhibition

The 2-3 layers TPU breathable film extrusion machine display, including die head, reversing haul-off unit, and WSD-III winder.

WSD-III Winder

Technical Parameter

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Max. Film Width
Film Thickness Range
For processing of
Screw Diameter
Max. Extrusion throughput
Total Power
Max. Haul-off Speed
2 2 2 3
1600mm 2100mm 2500mm 3000mm
TPU 0.015-0.05mm; PE 0.01-0.03mm TPU 0.015-0.05mm; PE 0.01-0.03mm TPU 0.015-0.05mm; PE 0.01-0.03mm TPU 0.015-0.05mm; PE 0.01-0.03mm
Φ75×2mm Φ80mm×2 Φ90×2mm Φ90×3mm
320kg/H 400kg/H 460kg/H 690kg/H
250kw 380kw 388kw 520kw
80m/min 80m/min 80m/min 80m/min
15×7×11.5m 17×7×14.5m 18.4×9.4×14.5m 19×10×15m

Other models such as MB-2800T,M2B-600、M2B-2500Q-C、M3B-2800Q-C and etc. would be also available.


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