Jinming's five-layer FFS heavy-wrapped film special blown extrusion machine demonstration ended successfully


On March 23, the start-up demonstration meeting of Jinming Precision Machinery's FFS heavy packaging film blown extrusion machine was successfully held at the headquarters in Shantou, Guangdong. More than 20 well-known enterprises in the heavy packaging film industry attended the event.

In the morning, specially invited technical experts from ExxonMobil and Midland New Materials conducted an in-depth discussion with the guests attending the event on the development of the heavy packaging film market, the industry trend of product thinning and cost reduction, and related raw material process formulas. technical exchange and sharing.

Afterwards, the guests came to the final assembly workshop of Jinming Company to visit the start-up demonstration of the five-layer co-extrusion FFS heavy-duty film blow molding unit.

The unit is equipped with Jinming high-efficiency extrusion system and excellent film cooling system. It adopts ExxonMobil's high-performance FFS heavy-duty film formula, and cooperates with Midland's high-quality functional masterbatch to produce FFS heavy-duty film products with a width of 550mm and a thickness of 0.14mm. , the production capacity is as high as 470kg/H, which tends to the international standard.

The equipment is equipped with a high-efficiency extrusion system, which has excellent performance characteristics such as high precision, low noise, high speed, high torque and wear resistance, and can be adapted to more types of material processing. To achieve higher extrusion output with relatively lower energy consumption.

The high-efficiency cooling system equipped with the equipment is composed of the multi-air inlet IBC film bubble internal cooling control system and the multi-air outlet counter-flow air ring technology. While rapidly cooling the film bubble, it can effectively adjust the thickness uniformity of the film product, ensuring that the thickness of the film is uniform. Based on the excellent quality of the film, higher production efficiency per unit time is achieved.

In addition, the equipment is also equipped with a series of automatic control systems. The rewinding device adopts a modular design and has a variety of rewinding functions, which can adapt to the rewinding of various materials with different characteristics, reduce tension fluctuations during rewinding, and provide high-quality rewinding. With automatic film cutting, automatic roll change, automatic unloading, automatic length counting and automatic taper tension control. The fully automatic taper tension control system can feed back and automatically track the surface tension of the measured film to improve the flatness of the film winding. It effectively reduces the labor intensity of labor, reduces the amount of waste that occurs during manual roll change, improves work efficiency, and enhances safety performance.

【FFS heavy packaging film status and development】

With the development of the economy and the continuous improvement of industrialized packaging requirements, FFS heavy packaging film will gradually become more and more popular due to its good heat-sealing stain resistance, higher tensile strength, impact resistance, puncture resistance, and excellent sealing and moisture resistance. It has replaced the traditional heavy packaging forms such as film-coated woven bags, paper-plastic composite bags, and paper bags, and has become the mainstream product in the field of heavy packaging. It is mainly used in the packaging of solid petrochemical products, such as catalysts, fertilizers, synthetic resins and other commodities.

At present, the thickness of domestic FFS heavy packaging film is mainly 0.16mm, while the international mainstream thickness is mainly concentrated in the thickness range of 0.11mm~0.14mm. Therefore, the thickness reduction of FFS heavy packaging film has become an urgent problem to be solved in the research and development and production of domestic FFS heavy packaging film. .

By thinning the FFS heavy packaging film, the heat sealing temperature and time in the subsequent automatic packaging process can be reduced, the production efficiency of the automatic packaging process can be improved, the environmental pollution caused by the use of the FFS heavy packaging film can be reduced, and low carbon and high efficiency can be achieved. economic model. The production of thinner and better-performing FFS heavy-duty packaging films is of great significance to improving economic efficiency and environmental protection.

Jinming, as one of the few internationally renowned brands in the industry that has the strength to provide a full range of film equipment and overall solutions, adheres to the belief of creating value for customers, focuses on innovation, continuously achieves technological breakthroughs, promotes thinning and cost reduction of flexible plastic packaging, and helps the packaging industry to achieve Sustainable development of circular economy.