SupereX Series

BOPET Orientation Production Stretch Film Machine

SupereX BOPET orientation production stretch film machine line is Jinming's high-intellectualized and high-performance series with features of high-output, high-automatization and superior thickness deviation, etc.. Besides, SupereX has a good adaptability of resins, which meets customers' needs on high quality and high output.


Parts Introduction

Horizontal MDO Unit

The MDO unit is composed of heating roller, shaping roller, stretching roller, film threading system, pressing roller, tension roller, main drive system, infrared heater, wall panel, base, water and water circulation heating system. The thick film is heated to the set temperature on the preheating roller and sent to the stretching roll. The thick film is stretched due to the different circumferential speeds of the two stretching rolls, and the stretched film is shaped on the shaping roll and then sent to the next process. The distance between the stretching rolls can be set.

Horizontal MDO unit of BOPET stretch film orientation production line

In-line Coating Device

A chemical coating device can be added between MDO and TDO to meet the special uses. The device adopts double-sided coating and die + wire bar. The water-based coating liquid is transported to the die by a high-pressure pump, and sprayed onto the surface of the film through the die lip, and then leveled by the wire bar to realize the uniform coating.

In-line coating device of BOPET stretch film orientation production line

TDO Unit

TDO unit is composed of guide device of imported brand, deviation adjustment device of imported brand, guide rail width adjustment system, guide rail clip assembly, clip tensioning device, lubrication system, oven system, clip cooling system, exhaust device, air supply device, main drive system, etc.

Equipment Exhibition

The BOPET stretch film orientation production extrusion machine display, including horizontal MDO unit, in-line coating device, and TDO unit.

TDO unit of BOPET stretch film orientation production line

Technical Parameter

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Max. Stretch Film width
Stretch Film thickness
Max. output capacity/year
Max. Extrusion throughput of main extruder
Max. Extrusion throughput of secondary extruder
Linear speed
MDO stretch ratio
TDO stretch ratio
Total power
4200mm 5200mm 6200mm
0.012~0.08mm 0.012~0.08mm 12~80μm
15000MT 18000MT 22000MT
2200kg/H 2700kg/H 3200kg/H
250~400kg/H 300~450kg/H 350~500kg/H
50~350m/min 50~350m/min 50~350m/min
1:1~1:3.5 1:1~1:3.5 1:1~1:3.5
1:3.5~1:4.5 1:3.5~1:4.5 1:3.5~1:4.5
4500kw 5000kw 5500kw
115x10x5m 115x11x5m 115x12x5m

Other models such as BOPET-2600、BOPET-4800 and etc. would be also available.


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