Five-layer co-extrusion POD film blowing machine M5B-1700Q-S

Machine type:SupereX Series, Blown Film Extrusion Line (Air-cooling), 3, 5 Layer Co-extrusion Blown Non-barrier Stretch Film Machine
Application:Non-barrier Film Food Packaging, Cosmetics Packaging, Stretch Hood Film, Heat Shrinkable Film, Heavy Duty Film for FFS Bags, Greenhouse Film
Unit type: SupereX series, air-cooled film blowing machine, non-barrier packaging film blowing machine
Application areas: non-barrier film for food packaging, daily chemical packaging, cold stretch sleeve film, heat shrinkable film, FFS heavy packaging film, agricultural greenhouse film

ExxonMobil and Jin Ming established a cooperative relationship as early as 2000. After years of in-depth cooperation in the fields of global technology, technology, market, training and personnel training, the two sides have established a high degree of mutual trust. The two parties further became a global strategic partnership in 2014.

In 2019, combined with ExxonMobil Asia Pacific R&D Center, polyolefin film products were applied in PE composite substrate film, PE heat shrinkable film, PE cold stretch sleeve film, HDS heavy packaging film, PE agricultural greenhouse film and other products Based on the comprehensive needs of technology research and development, process formula testing, customer trial production and proofing, etc., Jinming provided a new generation of technology five-layer co-extrusion POD film blow molding machine, and the equipment was successfully put into production in ExxonMobil Asia Pacific R&D Center.

POD is the English abbreviation of Five-layer PolyOlefin-Dedicated Blown Film, and it is also the abbreviation of the special extrusion technology for non-barrier five-layer co-extruded polyolefin recognized by the international industry. In film processing, POD process has more excellent mechanical properties of products, wider variation range of interlayer ratio, lower cost of comprehensive materials, greater selectivity of raw materials, more convenient process control, and safety of color printing, lamination and heat sealing of film products. Better performance and other advantages.
In order to meet the market demand for "high output and low consumption", we have developed a multi-stage two-way cooling air ring process on POD production equipment. The continuous improvement of the ring to the automatic air ring. The multi-vent high-efficiency two-way cooling air ring developed by Jinming is characterized by more than 3 air outlets, the air volume of each air outlet can be adjusted according to the size of the process, and the air ring can be vertically lifted along the axis of the die head, so that the strength of the film bubble can be improved. Significantly enhanced, the precision control of membrane products is more precise, and the output is greatly improved.

At present, the POD process has been widely used in PE printing and composite substrates, FFS heavy packaging bags, cold stretch sleeve films, PE heat shrink films, POF shrink films, and functional agricultural greenhouse films. Jinming's five-layer POD equipment also provides more and more customers with better production solutions.