Hello, K2019!

"See you in 2022!"
With bursts of laughter, the Jinming Precision Machinery team successfully ended the work schedule of the K exhibition in Germany and embarked on the flight home. So far, the 39-day K exhibition work has come to a successful conclusion.
The German K exhibition held every three years is one of the most influential plastics and rubber exhibitions in Europe and the world. It is also an important strategic opportunity for Jinming Precision Machinery to establish and promote its corporate image, display the company's comprehensive strength and conduct overseas market promotion.
Jinming Precision Machinery has been preparing for the 2019 K exhibition related exhibition matters since 2018, and has established a special IPD research team to track and follow up on the improvement of exhibiting equipment and the preparation of exhibiting work. The best state to deal with the market test.
Living up to expectations, the team of Jinming Precision Machinery went to the K2019 exhibition site to complete the installation of the exhibiting equipment at an astonishing speed in China, and then quickly completed the power connection and debugging of the equipment. Its efficiency and professional attitude have won praise from competitors in the exhibition hall. and recognition.
During the exhibition, Jinming Equipment displayed the formula of ExxonMobil water bag from October 16th to 19th, with an output of nearly 800kg/H; from October 20th to 23rd, it showed the formula of Dow Chemical PE heat shrinkable film, The actual output exceeds 800kg/H. Through this formula cooperation, Jinming Precision Machinery has further deepened the strategic partnership and tacit understanding with raw material friends such as ExxonMobil and Dow Chemical, which will contribute to the future development of mutual assistance and win-win for both parties.
At the same time, Jinming equipment has attracted a large number of international customers to visit the booth with its outstanding output advantages and stable operation performance. Compared with the 2016 K exhibition and the 2019 Adsale exhibition, the passenger flow has a breakthrough growth. More customers reached a cooperation agreement with the Jinming team on the spot, and a large number of customers with cooperation intentions were invited to participate in the 2020 Shanghai Adsale Exhibition, intending to deepen their understanding of Jinming Precision Machinery's enterprises and products.
At the end of the exhibition, the Jinming team was relieved, but also full of longing. Looking forward to the K exhibition in 2022, Jinming Precision Machinery can show the world the achievements of Jinming Precision Machinery's "Made in China" with a more professional attitude.
See you in 2022!