Live Online: Yinglan Cloud Exhibition Enters Jinming Precision Machinery


On October 12th, Jinming Precision Machinery was invited to participate in the online live broadcast of Yinglan Cloud Exhibition. The live broadcast attracted plastic processing industry, machinery industry, material industry, The vast number of experts, entrepreneurs, professors, teachers and students in the education industry and other industries have received a lot of attention and extensive support, and the cumulative number of views has reached 23,000.

The Yinglan Cloud Exhibition, which planned this live event, is a team founded by the Yinglan Laboratory of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology. Advantages, operational concepts, talent training, employment of college students, and the growth and growth of college students and other content are moved to the cloud to create an all-round three-dimensional online "cloud exhibition".

On the day of the live broadcast, Yang Weimin, Dean of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Distinguished Professor of the "Changjiang Scholars", Director of the Expert Committee of China Plastics Association, and Professor of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and Secretary General of the Injection Products Committee of China Plastics Association Xie Pengcheng, were connected to Jinming Precision Machinery in real time. The team, through live connection, on-site visit, technical explanation, real-time interaction, exchange of questions and other links, let the audience further understand Jinming's corporate culture and brand image.

As one of the few well-known brands in the industry that has the strength to provide a full range of film equipment and solutions, Jinming has a number of core technologies in equipment design and development, technical processes, etc., especially in the field of multi-layer co-extrusion technology. It is at the leading domestic level and has been rated as a national high-tech enterprises. After 33 years of development, Jinming's equipment is widely used in food packaging, daily necessities packaging, agriculture, medical, automotive, electronics, construction and special applications with its technical advantages and rich experience.

While focusing on technological innovation, Jinming also actively creates more opportunities and cultivates innovative talents. He has established close school-enterprise cooperation with Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Sichuan University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, South China University of Technology and Shantou University. Realize the two-way transfer of talents and technology. Jin Ming has set up "Jin Ming Scholarship" in various colleges and universities to provide a platform for college students' scientific research and employment. Among them, Xi'an Jiaotong University has cooperated with the company's national post-doctoral workstation to develop the "intelligent chip control project".

Li Hao, deputy general manager of Jinming Precision Machinery, said that the Jinming Precision Machinery team has absorbed a large number of outstanding students from colleges and universities. Both schools and enterprises support each other, penetrate each other, complement each other's advantages, and use resources to jointly cultivate skilled talents, which is not only conducive to the development of Jinming Company. Progress is also of great significance to economic and social development. Jin Ming will continue to deepen school-enterprise cooperation in the future, actively cultivate innovative talents, and contribute to social development.