Jinming Seiki obtained six national patent certificates again

Recently, Jinming Precision Machinery has obtained six patented inventions through independent research and development, successfully obtained the patent certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office, and widely applied the involved patented technology to the company's existing products.

(Laminated compound equipment)

  • Anti-seize extruder (patent number ZL202010100525.8) is applied to all blown film equipment
  • Film follow-up foaming equipment and film follow-up foaming method (Patent No. ZL202010820868.1) applied to three-bubble tube heat shrinkable film blow molding unit
  • The anti-sticking structure at the end of the rubber roller of the lamination lamination equipment (patent number ZL202022120392.9), lamination lamination mechanism (patent number ZL202022113545.7), paper winding device that can measure the initial roll diameter (patent number ZL202022075076.4), etc. Three patents applied to laminating composite equipment

  • (Three-bubble tube heat shrinkable film blow molding machine)

    (Geomembrane equipment)

    As a film equipment supplier integrating R&D, design, production and sales, Jinming Precision Machinery has the strength of independent R&D and technological innovation. Since this year, it has successively obtained 16 national patents. Up to now, the company has obtained a total of 377 authorized patents. Among them, there are 56 invention patents (including 3 from Tsinghua University), 289 utility model patents (including 2 from Tsinghua University), 15 appearance patents, 11 PCT patents and 6 German patents.

    The acquisition and application of the above patents, while demonstrating the strength of Jinming's independent research and development and technological innovation, is conducive to helping Jinming to further improve its intellectual property protection system, form a continuous innovation mechanism, and continuously enhance the company's core competitiveness and brand influence.

    In the future, based on the company's scientific research advantages, Jinming will continuously improve its research and development capabilities, actively create "Industry 4.0", and help the sustainable development of plastic machinery and plastic packaging industries.